5 Ways to Change your Professional Perspective

5 Ways to Change your Professional Perspective
July 5, 2016 Cory Bailey

In today’s workforce, so many people are working at jobs they hate, and many times, people think it is the job.  But in reality, it’s not the job, it’s you!  If that stings a little bit, it should.  No one should feel sorry for you because you accepted a job offer for at the time what you thought was reasonable pay, and now, you don’t like it, you feel stuck, you realized that you didn’t negotiate well enough and other people are making more than you.  (That will piss you off).  But it’s not their fault or the company you work for.  You need to do as Jacqueline Twillie advises her clients, “Learn how to Negotiate Better.”

At R3VISE, what we are passionate about is helping people to stop doing what they hate and start pursuing opportunities that speak to their gifts and fulfills them.

Believe it or not…  It is possible to go to a job that you love.  It is also possible that you can work in a field that you are naturally gifted at.  It is also possible that you can stop doing something that you hate, and start doing what you love.

Confucius is quoted as saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Here are 5 things that you can do to start moving in that direction…

“Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”

What were you Made for?

In Steve Harvey’s Book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success; which is a must read if you ask me.  He has a chapter entitled, “Not what you are paid for, But what you were made for?”  In it, Steve talks about how he made his start from doing a job that he didn’t care for to comedy.  There was one line in this whole chapter the really caught my eye.

“Your gift exist, because you do!”

– Steve Harvey

You were Made for this on black

Now everyone that reads my blogs have to understand that I am a believer, and I firmly believe that everyone was created with a purpose in mind.  God created you with a gift.  If that is true, then you were made to do something great.  If you identify your gift, the next step is to find an opportunity where you can show it off.

Your gift may not easily translate into a 9 – 5 job.  But there may be opportunities on your job where you can exercise your gift, or maybe you can volunteer someplace.  I don’t know what the answer to your unique situation is, but I do know that you will find fulfillment when you are doing something that speaks to your gifting.

Consider Where you are Starting from?

This is startingpointa big one.  Often times people will think that they are stuck because they either don’t have anything to start with, or that they are too inexperienced to start.  Both of those are just nonsense.  Sure you may not have a lot, or anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start.  Everyone has to start from somewhere.  This just means you have to be more creative.  It is through this journey that the greatest small wins are recognized.

You may not have the experience that your competitors have.  But here is the little secret that your competition doesn’t want you to know.  People rarely buy from you because of the product or service that you have.  It’s really the relationship that you have the makes them write the check or swipe the card.

With that said, who cares what your competition does, they aren’t you.  And if you are gifted in a certain area, stop focusing on what you don’t have, and take advantage of what you do have.

Tap into your network of friends.  If you don’t have many friends, make new ones.  Connect with a Social Meet up group or professional network group.  Not good in crowds, find out where smaller setting take place and get in there.  Connect with the Small Business Association and find out what services they have.

You may not know what to do, but just do something?

Don’t sit back and watch everyone else post about their life and how much fun they are having while you go to work everyday resenting the people that you work with for talking about their vacation.

It’s not easy, but I promise you it is worth it.

Don’t be afraid to Ask?

Here is another one that I love!  You have to be able to Ask the BIG Question.

Ben Arment in his book, Dream Year, he talks about being a Rain Maker.  Yep, you know what that means.  When you are serious about identifying your gift and operating in it, you are on the road to becoming a certified “Rain Maker.”

But no one get anywhere with out help.  My Pastor, Dr. Burton always turtle_on_a_fence_post_by_bunnyravenmerekreferences Alex Haley’s quote, “Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had help.”

There are people in positions in the company that you work for that make you raise your eye brow as you know, the only reason that they got that job is because, they had help.  I’ve been fortunate of this reality as well.  For the truth has always been, it’s not what you know, it’s who!

Which is why building your network is really important.  Now I’m not a proponent of kissing @$$, but there are ways to build your network without getting a brown nose.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  But when you ask for help, be direct.  Know what you are asking for.  Don’t ask for someone to help you and be unable to answer the question, “What do you need help with?”  Or “How can I help You?”

helpThe people that you are connecting with most likely are really busy and don’t have much time to waste, so know what you need help with.  Do some research on the area of interest and have pointed questions that you can ask that are specific to a certain body of knowledge.  Ask them to join you for coffee, or offer to pay for lunch, video chat, phone call, etc.  be flexible, but be punctual.

Lastly be ready for the question, “How can I help YOU?”  Your gift will place you in front of people that really want to help you, but you have to be prepared to knock the ball out of the park when it is asked.

Admit You have a Brand Problem

This idea of Personal Branding is really not new.  It was introduced around 1990, and it has not really had a firm footing until Social Media started making national news.  You can become famous in one day, and also just as infamous.  If you aren’t taking control of your brand, or worse, if you feel you don’t need one, you might just have need what Larry Linne calls a “Brand-Aid.”

cloak-of-invisibility-300x190The world now is totally different then 1990, it’s totally different from what it was 10 years ago.  The way that you search for a job, or the way that you get noticed is not just with a resume anymore.  A resume is a tool that gives you 10 seconds or less to a recruiter.  If nothing stands out about it, or if you don’t have certain keywords listed you go into a pile of other useless resumes that don’t get called back.

Now you have LinkedIn, you have CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.  On these sites you create professional profiles in which recruiters and hiring managers gets to stack up the competition based on the data that you’ve entered.

So how do you compete?  Simple, you don’t.  You don’t have to.  Social-Media-Marketing-StrategyRemember what we talked about earlier?  It’s not what you know it’s who…  Yeah.  Well here is where Social Media makes life soooo much easier.  If you can find out the company that you want to work for, or the job that you are interested in, find a connection that can introduce you to the manager that is doing the hiring, or someone that is an influencer…  You see where I’m going?

This may not work in every case, but in any case where it does, “Don’t be afraid to ask.” And bigger than that, take control of your brand so that people will notice you and want to connect with you.

Leverage those connections, work your network, asks for those introductions, and be ready to answer the question, “How can I Help?”

Be Confident in Yourself

Lastly, and most important.  Be confident.  Don’t walk around shufflingconfident boy your feet and hoping that someone notices you.  No…  You walk in with your head high, shoulders back, and Professional Swag on Ten!  Sure there are others with more experience, others with more education, deeper understanding, more talented, but they are not you!

In a podcast on the Levo’s website, they interviewed Candice Cook, Managing Partner at the Cook Law Group.  In this interview she said, “There may be people who may do something similar to what you do, but it is not the same as you because, they are not You!”

Be confident in yourself.  You don’t have to put down others to be confident in yourself, in fact look for opportunities to give a hand up to others who may not have it all together like you.  But be confident in you, take control of your brand, make the big asks, don’t be afraid of where are starting, and chase what you were made for, not what you were paid for.


Be Real, and Real Blessed



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