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First let me start by saying, just like there are more than one way to skin a cat (Not that I’ve ever skinned one, Just sayin’) there is more than one way to make an eye catching resume.  Now I’m a lifelong learner, so if you send me new and improved ways to build a resume, I’m going to think of a way to monetize it and charge people for it.  So before you give away your secret sauce and tell me how wrong I am…  Just think about that before you send me some hater comments in my inbox.

1.  Stop with the Objectives

Objectives are for Agendas not a Resume.  A Resume is a tool that is used to tell the potential employer about who you are, not what your goals are.  So the better way to leverage this space is with a Professional Profile.  This speaks to your accomplishments, strengths, experience, build your value and establish your brand.

An effective resume tailors a message that speaks to the Hiring Manager and makes you stand out.  It is more than a list of the tasks that you performed at your school or your previous employer.  If we’re honest, you were capable of soooooo much more, Right?

Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

– Theodore Rosevelt

2. Don’t be Afraid to Break the Rules

Who says that a Resume has to be Chronological?  Who says that the Resume has to be Linear?  The Resume is a tool that not only allows you to control your Brand, but also you can even tailor it to your audience.  LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to allow you to get a sense of the culture of the organization that you are looking to join.  The mistake that most people make, is that they have so little value in themselves that any company that looks at them for hire, they jump at the opportunity.  Which is not a bad thing, but when you know your worth, often you have a better negotiating platform.  Check out Jacqueline Twillie’s Negotiation ToolKit.

When you are putting your Resume together think about the small victories that you were able to accomplish, the mini-projects that you managed, even the Birthday Celebration, or the Team Moral Boosting Outings.  If you served as the Team Lead or Point Person for your direct manager, that is a huge value add to the other tasks that you performed.

Another No No…  Don’t just list the tasks that you performed.  List successes and their metrics.  Quality Metrics, Quantitative Metrics, how many times you were able to meet or surpass your goals.  Hiring Managers and Potential Employers Love Numbers.

On Fleek

3. Don’t go beyond 10 years of experience.

Unless you have some major experience that you just have to list.  In most cases, you only have less than 10 seconds for a recruiter, sourcer, or Hiring Manger to make a first impression.  But also, unless your skillset has transferrable skills your next employer is only concerned with your most recent training and acquired skills.  Any Certifications or training that you’ve acquired beyond 10 years, unless they are in certain circumstances, are often irrelevant.

Make the most of those 10 years.  Don’t be ashamed of having a new job every two to three (That’s another Blog, coming soon.)  If you are in a situation where you’ve taken advantage of a new opportunity every two years, good for you.  At the end of the day, it is all about placing yourself in the best position to take care of you and your family, and giving back to your community.  Every job is temporary.  The days of the 25 year employee at one job are nearly extinct.

So Now What...?

All in all, a resume is a tool that one uses to get them noticed for the next opportunity.  Tailor your resume for the specific job that you are aiming for.  Research the potential company that you are looking to be employed by.  You are worth more than what people want to pay.  Do not let your current or potential employer determine your worth.  You determine your worth, hone in on your skillset, and take control of your Brand.  (Another Blog, Coming soon…)

Be Real and Be Blessed!


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