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@ R3VISE we make things nice and pretty.

Welcome to R3VISE,

If you’ve clicked this far onto our page, your pretty serious about taking your career to the next level.  This is your time.  Enough with the excuses, sitting on the sidelines, dreaming about the next opportunity.  We’re all about results.  If you are ready to take that leap into a better tomorrow, let us partner with you to get you there.
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Our Core Values


Have you ever heard of thinking outside of the box?  How about using the box to help you reach the next level.  That’s what we’re about RESULTS!

The Innovative Secret to Success, is helping others to Succeed.


While we strive for excellence, we @ R3VISE believe;

“Excellence is not a skill, it’s the unlimited ability to improve what you have to offer”

– Rick Pitino


@ R3VISE, partnership is more than paying clientele.  It is our social responsibility to help everyone that we can to achieve their goals.

If each one would reach out and provide a hand up, not a hand out, We could change the world.

Love & Passion

I know, now we’ve just gone and made things weird.  But I’ve had the pleasure to serve at a company that encourages people to pursue what they love.  And in like fashion we’ve aligned ourselves to that mission as well.

Helping people to reach their goals and pursue what they love.

How it all started…

Our Story

R3VISE started in 2012, as one guy who updated resumes to help people look good enough on paper to land an interview.  I felt, if they could just get in the door for an interview, the rest would be in the bag.

The best part of it all were the stories that people would come back with.  The stories that would tell when they received the offer letter, when they negotiated a higher salary, or better still when they told their soon to be ex-employer that they would be moving on to a higher paying position.

I love it that R3VISE is an organization that focuses on being a blessing to others and we get a chance to play a part in helping them reach their professional goals.  We’ve been so fortunate to be able to share in and celebrate with our clients around those life changing blessings such as a new job, increased wages, increased freedom, a sense of accomplishment, launching a new business venture, etc.

We coach our clients on interviewing strategies, provide them with email templates to follow up after the interview, and other follow up emails.  We create resumes that are tailor made to the line of business that our clientele are seeking to transition into.  We even take it up a notch and create unique summary resume documentation for our clients to take with them on the interview that will allow them to drive the conversation, give the hiring manager high level details about their potential hire, and set you apart from all the rest.

Our heart and desire is to help people take the next step in their career.  And our desire is to build an organization that will shares our gifts with all who would grant R3VISE the privilege of partnering with them on their journey to the next level.

You were created to live a happy life.  One that allows you to operate in the area of your gifting.  You were not designed to wake up everyday to go to a job you hate.  That was never God’s plan for you.

Let us help you get to the Next Level.  Let us help you find your Gifting to pursue your Passion.  Let us help you upgrade your Professional Swag.

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